06/27/2014 11:02 am ET Updated Jun 27, 2014

How To Have The Perfect Midlife Crisis

skynesher via Getty Images

There are two kinds of midlife crisis: the 'blow out' and the 'blown it'. The first is what most men secretly aspire to but don't often achieve; the second is the one they just as secretly dread and, for all their bravado, are more than likely to succumb to. Both usually end in tears.

So I have to take off my cowboy hat (yes, I’m having a midlife fashion crisis) to 50-year-old IT consultant Ian Penfold, who spent £26,000 hiring one of the great concert venues in London – Hammersmith Apollo – so that he could celebrate his momentous birthday by playing a gig with his amateur hometown band in front of thousands of paying punters.

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