06/27/2014 07:11 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Iyanla Vanzant Helps A Distant Mother Ask Her Daughter For Forgiveness (VIDEO)

Tess had a successful career as a head nurse in Minnesota until it was discovered she was stealing pain medication from her patients. To help Tess and her family cope with the aftermath of her headline-making fall from grace, Iyanla Vanzant travels to rural Minnesota to meet Tess and her four sisters. Quickly, she learns each family member has wounds to heal.

On the upcoming episode, Iyanla and the family sit down for an emotional session. As the conversation unfolds, we learn that Darcy, one of Tess' sisters, is in an unhappy marriage and has been holding onto deep childhood pain. Darcy says she has no recollection of ever receiving a loving hug from her mother and feels she doesn't matter.

As Darcy breaks down into tears, Iyanla turns to her mother, Gwen. "You see that? Your child. What do you do?"

Gwen gets up and comforts her daughter. "I'm sorry," she tells Darcy. "You do mean something, and I'm sorry I never told you that. You do count."

There's one thing Iyanla wants Gwen to understand. "You have raised a daughter who thinks it is OK to be in an abusive relationship. I really want you to get that."

The good news, Iyanla says, is that it's not too late for this family. "Some mothers go to their grave and never get the opportunity to say to their children, 'Please forgive me.'"

Gwen looks at her daughters. "Forgive me," she says tearfully. "I thought I was doing right, but I failed. And I'm sorry, forgive me for it."

"Iyanla: Fix My Life" airs Saturday, June 28 at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.

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