06/27/2014 05:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Love Boat' Star Jill Whelan Is Getting A Divorce

ABC/Getty Images

Jill Whelan -- the actress who played Captain Stubing's daughter Vicki on "The Love Boat" -- is headed for a divorce.

TMZ reports that the 47-year-old actress has filed for divorce from her husband John Chaykowsky after a decade of marriage. Whelan reportedly requested full legal and physical custody of their 8-year-old son, as well as spousal support.

News of the split comes a few weeks after Whelan -- who you may also remember as the "sick girl" in the movie "Airplane!" -- reunited with some of her "Love Boat" co-stars for an episode of "Oprah: Where Are They Now?"

Here's a photo of the actress in more recent times:

jill whelan
(Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images)

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