06/27/2014 12:35 pm ET Updated Jun 27, 2014

Max Silvestri, Gabe Delahaye Discuss Their Web Series For Comedy Site Thundershorts

The recently-launched Thundershorts -- a new online comedy platform by Snagfilms -- will be hosting the new series "Max & Gabe," starring comedians Max Silvestri and Gabe Delahaye.

The hilarious duo joined HuffPost Live alongside Thundershorts' development exec Michael Pielocik to talk about the new website and series, and also their sort-of-ironic marketing strategy. In true comedy fashion, Pielocik explained that Thundershorts hasn't shied away from making fun of the way their platform makes money.

"If we can make as many jokes about the fact that we're just trying to sell yogurt pre-roll to people," he said, referring to the ads that play before their shows, "then, you know, everyone's in on the joke, everyone agrees, 'Yes, we'll watch your yogurt pre-roll, we'll enjoy these laughs.'"

Watch the clip about to hear more about Thundershorts, and watch the full HuffPost Live segment here.