06/30/2014 10:27 am ET Updated Jul 01, 2014

Jay Z Namechecks TMZ During BET Awards Performance With Beyonce

Invision for Parkwood Entertainment

During a pre-taped performance for Sunday's BET Awards, Jay Z maybe addressed the recent elevator controversy in a very Jay/Bey way: not via interview or tweet, but through song lyrics. During an intro to Beyonce's "Partition," Jay rapped, "Left the curtains open for the paparazzi, a little TMI for you TMZ." Jay could have been talking about his fight with Solange, video of which was leaked to TMZ, or maybe he meant paparazzi photos like this. Either way, we'd rather he just talk about the incident in an in-depth interview, preferably with us (awaiting your call, Jay), but we'll take this as an alternative sign that the duo has put the episode behind them. At least it's better than the way Kanye alters his lyrics in anger.

Ed's note: Video of Jay Z's rap has since been taken down. Below is Beyonce's portion of the performance.



Beyonce & Jay Z