06/30/2014 08:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Turns Out, Burly Pro Arm Wrestlers Are Actually Just Big Softies


Save for the "arm" prefix, professional arm wrestling is a whole lot like regular wrestling. Wrestlers compete in weight classes, they train for months and ultimately they get up close and personal in direct combat surrounded by passionate fans on all sides.

One thing seems different, however: These pro wrestlers are kind of big softies.

The world of pro arm wrestling is a close-knit one. Many of the wrestlers -- or "pullers" -- know one another and their families from tournaments (and now from the AMC show, "Game of Arms"), and they often reunite at matches across the country. While they pull no punches, so to speak, when facing off across the table, there is real camaraderie outside of the matches.

Which is why, in this month's World Armwrestling League Badass Tournament in Las Vegas, plenty of matches ended with a surprising twist: The big, scary pullers embraced. Don't you just love when everyone plays nice?

Don "Hollywood" Underwood vs. Mike Ayello (WAL Columbus, Ohio tournament, March 2014)

Todd "Toddzilla" Hutchings vs. Chad Silvers (WAL Las Vegas tournament, June 2014)

Janis Amolins vs. Geoff "Haleraiser" Hale (WAL Las Vegas tournament, June 2014)

Devon Larratt vs. Christian Binnie (WAL Las Vegas tournament, June 2014)

Ethan Fritsche vs. Allen Fisher (WAL Las Vegas tournament, June 2014)

Dave Chaffee vs. Brandon Boudoin (WAL Las Vegas tournament, June 2014)

All clips taken by Candy Bigwood. GIFs cut by Andy McDonald.