06/30/2014 08:59 am ET

Samira Wiley: My 'Orange Is The New Black' Sex Scene 'Definitely Wasn't Sexy'

"Orange Is The New Black" fans saw a lot more of Samira Wiley this season, and not only because her character, Poussey, got more screentime.

When Wiley joined HuffPost Live's Alyona Minkovski along with her co-stars Matt McGorry (corrections officer John Bennett) and Alysia Reiner (assistant warden Natalie Figueroa), she discussed the steamy sex scene from Poussey's Germany-set flashback storyline.

"It was my first sex scene, first nude scene that I'd done. I think I was worried about what my parents were going to think," Wiley said.

And while there's no question that Wiley looked certifiably amazing in the scene, the sex appeal was solely on screen, Wiley said.

"It wasn't difficult. It definitely wasn't sexy. It felt very mechanical on set. But I'm happy with the result," she said.

While Wiley's love scene was meant to be romantic and visually appealing, Reiner's character had a decidedly less sexy sexual scene with prison counselor Joe Caputo. The scene marks the lowest-possible moment for the formerly-powerful Figueroa, and Reiner said she felt that during filming.

"For me, it was painful, but in the best way. I've definitely had much more romantic sex scenes in other projects that I got to enjoy a bit more," she said.

Wiley, McGorry and Reiner aren't the only "Orange" cast members that have talked sex with HuffPost Live. Yael Stone, who plays Lorna Morello, recently called the show's explicit love scenes a "privilege" to play.

See the full HuffPost Live conversation with the stars of "Orange Is The New Black" below.



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