06/30/2014 02:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Symbol To Remember When Your Family Is Going Through Hard Times

"A family's everlasting promise of love and care is like the shelter of an umbrella."

Those words appear at the end of "The Promise," an acclaimed short film that's trending on the video-sharing platform, Viddsee.

It's about a father-son relationship in the midst of hardship. Set in Singapore, the film begins with a widowed father in the 1980s who uses some of his meager earnings to buy a new pair of shoes for his son. When a storm hits, however, he decides to also buy a red umbrella to shelter them from the pouring rain. "All my best possessions," he tells his son, "are yours."

That red umbrella stays with the family for many years -- the father gives it to his son on his wedding day and later carries it with him on the way to the hospital to meet his new grandson. The relationship between the father and son is not always harmonious, but when tragedy strikes again, the son comes to understand the symbolic meaning behind the red umbrella: parental love and care.

Pass the tissues please.

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