07/01/2014 01:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Tiny Leopard Cat Kitten Is Just Another Thing Conan O'Brien Can't Have

In 2010, NBC bought Conan O'Brien out of his "The Tonight Show" contract after he had hosted for only seven months. The departure was a difficult one.

Fast-forward four years. O'Brien emerged from the scandal stronger than ever before with the eponymous "Conan," and a recent episode saw him hosting National Wildlife Federation spokesperson David Mizejewski and an impossibly adorable 8-week-old Asian leopard cat kitten.

Understandably, O'Brien appears immediately taken with the kitten, but Mizejewski cautions him against keeping her. "She is still a wild animal, so you don't want to have one of these for a pet," Mizejewski says.

"How about for a little while? Just for like four years?" O'Brien asks. The audience laughs -- despite her unassuming size, this kitten is not meant to be housebroken. She is, it seems, is just another thing that O'Brien can't have.

But even if he can't adopt her, Mizejewski assures him that he can help. "At National Wildlife Federation, we need everybody's help to help protect these animals in the wild. These guys are hunted for their fur, so, we want to make sure that we conserve wildlife, and we need everybody's help to do that."

And after looking at those big eyes, who wouldn't want to?



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