07/01/2014 11:51 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'RIOT!' -- The Radical Queer Pride Fantasy You Always Wanted (NSFW)

Last Friday a group of Brooklyn queers curated a radical Pride party, 'RIOT!', in response to what many decry as the corporatization and homonormatizing of Manhattan's mainstream gay Pride parade.

Organized by art collective and "living magazine" The Culture Whore and promoter David Sokolowski, 'RIOT!' took place in a sweaty performance venue nestled in the midst of Bushwick's sprawling warehouses. The night played host to a number of shows from some of Bushwick's most prominent performers, queens and musicians, and culminated in some very NSFW drag queen wrestling in a kiddie pool overflowing with Cool Whip.

Check out some images courtesy of Santiago Felipe below, and head here to read an interview with the night's curators about why this party is so crucial in the face of the normalization of queer identity in 2014.