07/02/2014 05:19 pm ET Updated Mar 04, 2015

Watch These Good People Stand Up To A Woman Delivering Horrific Racist Tirade On A Train

Warning: the video above contains explicit language that some readers may find offensive.

Our knee-jerk reaction to this type of reprehensible racism would normally be to declare that the world is a horrible place. But luckily, these bystanders on a train in Sydney, Australia, tore down that belief while attempting to take down the offender.

In one of the more despicable displays of racism -- and overall behavior -- caught on film, a woman on the Central Coast & Newcastle line goes from unleashing a verbal assault on a group of children to hurling insults and racial slurs to everyone in her path.

In the video, she starts berating the man who appears to be doing the recording above. He happens to be standing next to an Asian woman.

"He can only get a gook!" the woman declares to the train. "He can't even get a regular girlfriend!"

She then she mocks the Asian woman's accent and pulls back her eyes to look slanted.

"What's wrong with Hong Kong?" the woman on the offensive asks the Asian woman. "Why did you come to this country? This is our country."

While the woman is spewing her ignorant remarks, she doesn't hear the man explain that he is not even with the Asian woman -- whom he stands up for nonetheless. Another man offers the Asian woman his seat.

The woman making the racist remarks had initially "became aggressive" toward a group of kids 12 and under who wouldn't give up their seats. She then reportedly assaulted another person and then called the police herself, according the the description in the video uploaded by YouTube user "Kareem Abdul."

Watch the whole scene above. Things get especially ugly around the 2:00 mark.



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