07/02/2014 08:22 am ET Updated Jul 02, 2014

Hillary Clinton Thinks Her Press Coverage Is Often 'Inaccurate Or Unimportant'


Hillary Clinton's famously fraught relationship with the media isn't going to get better anytime soon, if her latest comments about her press coverage are any indication.

Clinton spoke to C-SPAN as part of her ongoing book tour, and she was asked about whether or not she reads the acres of coverage about her.

"I can't do it," she said, according to Politico. "So I skim it. If it's important it will come to me, I assume. A lot of it is inaccurate or unimportant to me. I try to keep up with it, but I can't possibly read it all. I would be doing nothing else."

Clinton's arms-length treatment of the press, and the bruising coverage she often receives, has been a recurring subject of discussion as her book tour and possible presidential run unfold. She has also played the role of media critic several times. In April, she told an audience that "a lot of serious news reporting has become more entertainment driven and more opinion-driven as opposed to factual." In 2011, she told a Senate committee that more Americans were watching Al Jazeera because it provided "real news," unlike domestic channels.