07/02/2014 06:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Magician Makes Gifts Appear Out Of Thin Air For Homeless People And Divulges His Trick

We’ll never get sick of watching pranksters use the tricks they have up their sleeves to make life a little bit brighter for homeless people.

The latest such stunt comes from magician Rob Anderson -- whom you may remember from the time he turned $1 "counterfeit" bills into $20 bills for homeless people.

This time around though, Anderson used a different set of skills to give much-needed basics to people living on the streets.

Anderson filled envelopes with essentials, including socks, and labeled each one with the homeless people’s names. (How he found out each person’s moniker is still a mystery.)

But he didn’t just hand the gifts out, he inserted some magic into the moment. Anderson pulled the envelopes out of thin air and showed his viewers exactly how he pulled it off.

And you know what? Knowing his secret didn't take away one iota of wonder from the heartfelt scene.

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