07/02/2014 01:18 pm ET Updated Jul 02, 2014

Texas Official Says Rick Perry Dresses Like A 'West Coast Metrosexual'


Departing Texas Land Commissioner and former GOP candidate for lieutenant governor Jerry Patterson has some interesting thoughts on the way Gov. Rick Perry (R) dresses.

Patterson apparently read a piece by Ken Herman, the Austin American-Statesman's metro columnist, in June that debated whether or not to buy cowboy boots, which Herman thought were somewhat similar to underwear.

Patterson responded to Herman on Tuesday, defending cow poke style while also criticizing Perry for shunning the iconic footwear recently due to back pain.

“Tell Rick that boots can be purchased with normal heels,” Patterson wrote to Herman. “I lament the fact that our governor could now pass for a West Coast metrosexual and has embarrassed us all with his sartorial change of direction.”

Patterson, who says he keeps a .22-caliber Magnum in his boot whenever he leaves home, has previously joked that California, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York should get axed from the union

Patterson placed fourth in the March 4 GOP primary election for lieutenant governor. State Sen. Dan Patrick clinched the nomination in a May 27 primary runoff.



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