07/02/2014 12:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

78-Year-Old Marine Veteran Blindsided, Robbed At Gunpoint (VIDEO)

Police are searching for two suspects accused in the assault and robbery of a 78-year-old Marine veteran at a California gas station.

John Faust was filling up his truck during the early morning of Tuesday, June 24, when he was blindsided, punched in the face, robbed at gunpoint and left on the pavement of a San Bernardino Shell station.

"It happened so quick, that I didn't have time to react to it," he said, according to ABC7.

Faust, who works as a supervisor for a construction firm, was on his way to a job site.

NBC Los Angeles reports:

Faust said he never saw the punch coming from the second gunman who had approached from behind him. The punch struck Faust in his right eye, knocking him into the side of the pickup. From there, he slumped to the ground. The perpetrators then manhandled him until they found his wallet.

Faust pulled himself up and searched for his broken eyeglasses. It was several minutes before another person walked up to him to offer help.

Faust suffered a fractured skull, a blood clot to his brain and a broken nose, according to CBS Los Angeles. He spent four days in the hospital recovering.

Authorities released surveillance footage of the incident in hopes of capturing the suspects, who remained at large as of reports Tuesday.

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