07/03/2014 10:01 am ET

Tim Howard: I Was Drug Tested Following U.S.-Belgium Match


Tim Howard says he was drug tested immediately after the U.S.-Belgium World Cup match.

The U.S. lost, but the U.S. goalkeeper made an record-breaking 16 saves.

On Wednesday, radio host Dan Patrick asked Howard what he did after the big match.

"Went and did drug testing," he said, laughing.

"Wait, wait," Patrick said. "As soon as the match is over, you have to go in and take a drug test?"

"Yeah, they put a follower on you and you have to go straight into the doping control room," he explained.

Howard told ESPN that the drug test was random, but joked that "maybe" it had to do with his outstanding performance.

Listen to his full interview with The Dan Patrick Show below: