07/07/2014 08:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 10 Vacation Photos We'd Love To See Less Of

As we're freezing in cubicles, the truly lucky ones are out there sunning themselves in Puerto Rico or some beautiful beach in Greece. And listen -- we're really happy for you, but we're also really, really jealous. And something that isn't helping our envy? Those Instagrams you keep posting.

In an effort to improve your pictures -- and our moods -- here are the cheesiest photos the people back home are simply sick of seeing, courtesy of

1. Giving us a glimpse of perfect weather only makes us angry...

2. ... As do those vacation selfies
andy campbell

3. And hot dog leg pictures never turn out quite right.

4. Jumping in photos is a definite don't.

5. Holding up buildings is kinda cringe-worthy...
eiffel tower

6. And writing in the sand is cute, though cliché.
name in sand

7. Cut-out photo poses should be left to the professionals (like these people).

8. Sunsets simply make us jealous...

9. ...As do blue skies and palm trees.

10. And if we can't have the food and drink you're having, don't post it!



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