07/07/2014 03:52 pm ET

How Yoga Saved This Woman's Marriage

Some argue that the couple that sweats together stays together. So imagine the benefits that a communal transcending of physical boundaries could bring to a romantic relationship.

Despite the fact that the practice of yoga is often viewed as a personal and solitary journey, couples can actually benefit from hitting the mat together. Yoga instructor Yulady Saluti joined HuffPost Live host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani today to discuss how yoga not only enhanced her life, but saved her marriage.

"I remember taking my first yoga class, and he didn't go with me because he was busy," Saluti said of her husband. "He wasn't really into it. But then I brought him with me, and he's been in love with it."

Saluti insists that the mindfulness practice, which has taught them both how to remain in the present moment, is the reason they are still so happily married.

"In a way, it saved our marriage," she said. "In these 12 years we've been together, we've gone through cancer, 18 surgeries for my colon, a colostomy bag and failed surgeries. We have six children between the both of us, so you can imagine the craziness that goes on ... It grounded us. It makes us better parents ... It has helped us tremendously to stay present and know how to handle the difficult times."

In fact, when the couple gets some alone time away from the kids, they opt for sun salutations and downward dogs over movie nights or fancy dinners.

"Our date nights consist of him and I getting a babysitter, driving into the city and taking a two-hour yoga class," she said. "That is what brings us together. I'm very lucky that he took onto it like I did."

To hear more about the many benefits of practicing yoga, watch the full HuffPost Live clip above.