07/07/2014 08:59 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Flying Squirrel Overcame Obstacles, And Now Rides A Tiny Skateboard

If not for the actions of a kind stranger, Biscuits the flying squirrel may have met a sad fate on a Florida sidewalk.

Reddit user 3sgtejeff found Biscuits in bad shape, suffering from the heat. He took the little creature home and nursed her back to health.

She is around 8 months old now, and, as her human said on Reddit, "Her favorite food is pecans, and she enjoys jumping on everything and terrorizing the dogs."

Check out her adorable transformation below!

At first, the little girl was incredibly tiny.

Her rescuer posted pictures of her on Reddit the day he found her, and many people told him that the tiny creature wouldn't make it.

But he refused to give up on his new friend ...

... and little Biscuits continued to grow and get stronger.

Look at how cute she got as she grew more fur and got a little bigger!

She even has a doggie pal.

She likes to snack on shoulders ...

... and in pockets!

She even took up a few hobbies, like skateboarding ...

... and hide and seek.

Here she is around 3 months old, and, as you can tell, she turned into quite a pretty squirrel.

Way to go, Biscuits!

h/t EpicDash

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