07/07/2014 03:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gallant Boy Comforts Girl On Her First Day Of Preschool, And Now We're Planning Their Wedding

Prepare yourself for the cutest display of kindness ever recorded.

In the video above, Anita and Alston, two preschoolers in Taiwan, have an adorable conversation. The video was shot about three years ago on Anita's first day of school, according to the subtitles. The obviously distraught little girl is comforted by Alston who, without hesitation, reassures her that her mother will come back for her at the end of the day, and that he will protect her. He patiently tells her not to worry, and even offers to sleep next to her at nap time. Aww.

The video, which has gone viral in Taiwan, was shared with the consent of the children's parents after they graduated, according to Drama Fever.

Their interaction serves as a reminder that chivalry is not dead, and that it's heart-melting at any age.

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