07/07/2014 02:20 pm ET Updated Jul 08, 2014

Epic Daredevil Skis Down Giant Waves On Maui (VIDEO)

Some athletes get their adrenaline rush by skiing through powdery, steep, snow-capped mountains. Others get their fix from surfing down the face of a gigantic, mind-numbing wave.

Then, there are daredevils who do both -- at the same time. While wearing a zebra-printed speedsuit. This is a wholly unique (crazier?) way to water ski. Think bigger and more badass.

Chuck Patterson took what he learned as a pro mountain free-skier and put it in the water -- skis, poles, boots and bindings included. In a new promo video filmed for German sportswear brand Bogner, Patterson slices through Jaws, the famed big wave surf break on Maui's north shore -- or as Patterson likes to call it, "the Alaska of skiing."

On our first (and, OK, repeated views), we thought this was totally fake. He looks so natural on the wave that it's easy to think the video is merely Patterson superimposed onto water. But, rest assured, this is all real. His skis were designed to glide over water instead of ice.

"I don't want this to be looked at as a circus act," Patterson said of his hybrid hobby in a 2011 interview with Salomon Freeski TV. "It's something with surfing and skiing. ... To be able to mesh them together and do both makes complete sense."

To us, it sounds like a twisted ankle, waiting to happen.

Below, be amazed as Patterson rides down giant, mountain-like waves with his ski gear.



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