07/07/2014 03:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What It Looks Like When Kids Learn To Write, All Over The World


Here on HuffPost Parents, our Cute Kid Notes series features hilarious, adorable, and generally brilliant handwritten notes from children.

One Reddit user had a similar idea, but on a global level, and found notes that kids have written from all over the world. Argenblargen posted the question, "If your language is written in something other than the English/Latin alphabet (e.g. Hebrew, Chinese, Russian), can you show us what a child's early-but-legible scrawl looks like in your language?"

People responded with images of children's writing in Greek, Russian, Hindi, Hebrew, and more. Check out examples from young developing writers below:

"I love cats" in Hebrew.

A little girl's letter to Santa in Russian:

"Hello Santa Claus,
My name is Ksusha. I am 5 years old. I am brave, love and watch the cartoon show 'Mystery of The Third Planet.' Please send me a Lalaloopsy doll, [and] a cotton candy machine.
I wish you health, happiness and strength.
Ksusha, Fedya, Momm, Dad. "

On a test in Korea -- Prompt: "Write something that would console the victims of a flood." Child's answer: "Victims, it's difficult but there is hope."

foreign kid note
A child writes about fishing with Uncle Lee in Mandarin.

A child in Belarus writes to his grandma: "Galinka, I really love you, I am really waiting for you to come here. That means that me and you will travel together, do homework together, take walks together, play together. Or I can come to you. Today I had a soccer game, bad news is we lost but we lost and we will win next time."

From a child in Japan: "I looove you sensei."



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