07/09/2014 10:15 am ET Updated Jul 09, 2014

Bill Burr Rant On EDM Music Turned Into Banging EDM Track Because The World Is Just & Good

We have to agree with our friend The Comic's Comic: this track is the song of the summer. Especially since the presumed frontrunner for song of the summer isn't really doing it for us.

On a recent Monday Morning Podcast, Bill Burr went off on "DJ music," and inspired one of his fans to put his thesis to the test. The creator of the above track, Raffael De Luca, explains:

I'm a long time Bill Burr fan and listen to his podcast every week. Last Monday he basically ripped into the DJ scene and I agreed with everything he had to say. From ridiculous nightclubs to the whole new EDM landscape in general. He sang some melody and I used it to create this track along with other hilarious sound bites from him.

Check it out above. Dancing shoes optional.



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