07/09/2014 05:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rob Reiner Says He'll Do Whatever He Can To Help Hillary Clinton Win In 2016

Rob Reiner has voiced support for Hillary Clinton in the past, but the "Princess Bride" director is ready to up the ante.

In an appearance to promote his new film "And So It Goes," the Hollywood icon explained to HuffPost Live's Roy Sekoff that he would do everything in his power to make Clinton president in 2016.

"There's nobody that has ever been more qualified to be president of the United States than Hillary Clinton," he said. "Now will she run? I hope she does. And if she wants me to help her, I'll do whatever I can."

Reiner, who described Clinton as being "one of the smartest women" he's ever met and "incredibly capable," endorsed the then-New York senator in 2008, notably throwing her a joint fundraiser-60th birthday party at his Brentwood home in which he sang "Happy Birthday Mrs. President."

"I'm interested in someone who can really manage those political waters," he remarked at the time, referring to Clinton.

His admiration for her has yet to waver.

"I love Hillary," Reiner told HuffPost Live. "I've always loved her. I loved her since she was in the White House at the beginning."

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