07/10/2014 06:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Marijuana Scavenger Hunt In Oakland Scheduled For Saturday (UPDATE)

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For many potheads, spending an afternoon running around looking for weed doesn't sound like fun.

But it could be a smoking good time for weed smokers in Oakland on Saturday.

An organization called the Bay Area Quest Hunt is hosting a scavenger hunt where the jackpot is marijuana.

Pot-loving participants with California IDs and valid medical marijuana cards will search for clues scattered around the city. Those clues will lead to cards that can be cashed in for various forms of cannabis, SFWeekly reports.

Though medical marijuana is legal in California, the event's legality is uncertain.

The event is modeled after the Hidden Cash scavenger hunts that have popped up in cities like New York, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas and Mexico City.

Prizes include pre-rolled joints, pot edibles, eighth-ounce bags of weed and THC concentrates.

Registration costs $35, and is limited to 500 people.

In addition, the first 50 people to register get a free pot cigarette, SFGate reports.

It might not be a good idea to light up before the hunt, because a car will be needed to get to many of the spots where the redeemable cards are hidden, according to the Bold Italic.

Organizers didn't respond to HuffPost's inquiries.

UPDATE:The Bay Area Quest Hunt, the company organizing the event, now says it's been canceled.

Event spokeswoman Alisha Dixon said the company received a notice on Thursday the Oakland Police Department stating that they are not licensed to have a medical marijuana business in the city and don't have the proper permits for this event.

"We had verified medical marijuana recommendations for EVERY individual who registered," she told HuffPost by email."As far as we were concerned, we were doing more than most dispensaries when it came to verifying medical marijuana recommendations. Plus, we were not selling marijuana. Registering for the event did not guarantee that you will receive marijuana, we only guaranteed clues."

Dixon said the company is now working with Oakland officials to find ways to hold a cannabis scavenger hunt in the future.

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