07/10/2014 05:13 pm ET Updated Jul 11, 2014

This Guitar Duo's Daft Punk Acoustic Medley Is Going To Be Your New Favorite Jam

Two guitarists decided to play an acoustic medley of a few Daft Punk classics -- and the result is nothing less than epic.

U.K.-based Showhawk Duo shred song after Daft Punk song (and yes, for all you "Get Lucky" fanatics out there, the pair squeezed in the smash hit at around 1:54) during a live performance in May at the Larkhall Festival in Bath, England.

Though the clip isn't new, it's attracted a flurry of attention this week after being posted on Reddit.

"Ugh so good," wrote one impressed YouTuber after watching the clip.

"Anybody else get the urge to cry when you see these guys play? It's so f--king awesome," wrote another.

So awesome, in fact, that we've already streamed this video eight times over. You've been forewarned.



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