07/10/2014 12:17 pm ET Updated Jul 10, 2014

Is Barbie's LinkedIn Profile Good For 'Girl Power?'

Hegemony77 doll clothes/Flickr

In late June, Mattel, Inc. and its signature toy, Barbie, made headlines with the creation of a LinkedIn page for the world-famous doll, complete with a lengthy resume spanning more than 150 careers. It was another interesting marketing move by the toy company, which has recently been promoting its popular 11.9 inch tall doll in novel ways (most notably via February’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover), to combat declining sales.

While Barbie purports to be a “Dream Incubator” on her LinkedIn profile, where she “act(s) as a consultant, helping girls around the world play out their imagination, try on different careers, and explore the world around them,” there are mixed opinions on whether or not the company’s “girl power” message is authentic.

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