07/10/2014 02:01 pm ET Updated Jul 10, 2014

Woman Who Relied On Sister To Carry Her To School Wants More For Kids With Disabilities

mysondanube via Getty Images

At first glance Rekha Kumari seems to be just another young woman with special needs. But this 22-year-old possesses unique powers. She may have been on a wheelchair since she was two years old after she was struck with polio but today she stands tall as the key campaigner for “World We Want”, an initiative that calls for equal rights and opportunities for children living with disabilities across the globe.

She has spearheaded this movement, along with an 11-member team of children and together they have created a ‘Children’s Manifesto’, which she took all the way to New York last year. At the 68th United Nations General Assembly, Rekha drew the attention of the world leaders to their collective crusade, urging them to provide a respectable life to a significant section of the world population that virtually remains ignored by people and policy-makers.

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