07/11/2014 05:26 pm ET Updated Jul 15, 2014

Nurse And His 7-Year-Old Cancer Patient Put On A Spontaneous, Wonderful 'Frozen' Performance

#TeamKamryn, an amazing support network for a 7-year-old cancer patient just introduced its newest member -- Tom, a nurse who just happens to put on a mean "Frozen" performance.

Mom, Andrea Slater, posted this video of Kamryn and Tom to her Facebook page on July 3, lip syncing "Love Is An Open Door." Her caption was bittersweet:

So the bad news is that we've been in the hospital getting a blood transfusion but the good news is that we met the most awesome nurse Tom, who happens to be a fan of the movie Frozen. This just happened! Lol

According to Kamryn's Booster fundraising page, doctors diagnosed her this past April. She had complained of a stomachache, which turned out to be caused by a cancerous stage 3 tumor. "Unfortunately once they began surgery the doctors found that the tumor had ruptured, which also meant it could not be removed," the Booster page's creator, Leianne Dolan, wrote.

Currently, Kamryn is undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments at New York's Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. While the family has health insurance, Columbia Greene Media reported in June that they need help covering other expenses, including the cost of staying nearby while Kamryn undergoes her treatment.

Dolan set up the page to help Kamryn's family cover those hospital expenses -- raising over $17,000 so far. “There’s been unbelievable support -- it’s overwhelming, but amazing that so many people are coming together to help us,” Slater told Columbia Greene.

She is, unsurprisingly, another one of Kamryn's biggest supporters. In solidarity, Slater shaved her head on June 7.

Two weeks later, she posted a photo of herself and Kamryn, showing off their new look:

Despite all of the struggle, one thing is clear -- Anna and Hans have nothing on Tom and Kamryn.



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