07/11/2014 08:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

15 Reasons Why Your Grandparents Will Always Travel Better Than You

It's an undisputed fact that grandparents are the best -- they have the best stories, the best snacks, the best excuses for letting you stay up past bedtime. So it's unsurprising that they are also the best when it comes to traveling, whether it's roaming the globe or taking a quick weekend jaunt to a lesser-known town.

Here's why.

1. They know exactly what to pack.
Extra underwear > one more "going out" dress.

2. And how to "win" at layovers.
They are rarely without a pack of playing cards.

3. They don't even try to do Rome in a day...
Or anywhere, for that matter. Sometimes taking a nap is better than sightseeing, and grandparents know that recharging those legs is important before the next day of adventures.

4. Because making plans is better without Pinterest.
You could pin your entire forthcoming trip from the privacy of your bedroom, or you could do what grandparents do and actually ask humans for recommendations.

5. They value sharing in more ways than one.
To get the most out of a trip, grandparents understand that it's better to share experiences with the ones you love, rather than report back. And sometimes the most impactful moments occur when swapping stories with strangers.

6. Because they know how to create memories sans Instagram.
Yes, that magical moment really did happen -- even if you didn't get the chance to apply the Lo-Fi filter to your photo.

7. They're not afraid to ask for directions.
They only spend hours wandering around if they want to.

8. And actually know how to read a map.
reading map
Sometimes there's nothing better than sitting down with a good'ole fashioned map and a highlighter to outline the trip.

9. They know the right time to travel isn't always "summer."
Two words: The offseason.

10. But still consider sunscreen very important.
They've endured more than enough vacation sunburns in their lifetime.

10. They know the importance of filling your gas tank up ALL the way.
Because hitting traffic or that 100-mile stretch of nothing is something they don't want to relieve twice.

11. ...And emptying your tank when given the chance.
When someone stops to go to the bathroom, you GO.

12. They know binoculars are the best accessory.
Old gadgets work (and zoom) better than new ones.

13. And that "little places" are totally worth visiting.
Paris, France is great, but let's talk about Paris, Texas.

14. They know what makes them happy.
Family, fun and fresh air.

15. And last but not least -- they take travel selfies better than most of the population.
grandparent selfie

Game over, guys.



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