07/11/2014 11:15 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rob Reiner: 'Women Are Very Evolved People ... Men Run Around Like Idiots'

You might call Rob Reiner a master of relationships. From eighth graders in "Flipped" to young adults in "When Harry Met Sally" and the over-60 set in his new film "And So It Goes," the iconic director has explored what love feels like at every age. But he told HuffPost Live's Roy Sekoff that his films "tell basically the same story over and over" for one specific reason: men really need women.

"Women, the way I see it, are very evolved people. They're more mature, they're more aware of their feelings, in touch with their feelings. They're connected to things that matter more in life. They know what's important. Men basically run around like idiots until we meet somebody who can show us that those things are important," he said.

Reiner added that the male-female dynamic stays the same from our earliest years all the way to the end of life.

"They always say girls mature faster than boys, but I don't think that's true, because I think girls just are more mature than boys," Reiner said. "We're always trying to catch up to them."

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