07/11/2014 06:09 pm ET Updated Jul 11, 2014

Watch A Sneak Peek Of Shakira's World Cup Performance

Shakira chegou a terra brasileira!

Last week, FIFA announced that the Colombian superstar would be performing at the upcoming 2014 World Cup Closing Ceremony. Shak arrived at Rio de Janeiro on Thursday and offered Brazilian fans a sneak peek of her much anticipated performance on the weekly television program, “Fantástico - O Show da Vida.”

The “Waka Waka” singer set foot on Brazilian soil this week and wasted no time in sending a greeting in Portuguese via Twitter.

“Hola Brazil, I’m here! I was missing you guys. I’m very happy to see you guys again!! Shak”

Later in the day Shakira appeared on “Fantástico - O Show da Vida” where she and Carlinhos Brown gave an exclusive performance of the World Cup single “La La La.”

“With the hosts of Fantástico; Renata and Tadeu this Sunday I’ll be on @showdavida with you! Kiss! Shak”

(Check Out Part Of Performance Above)

During an interview with the show, Shakira spoke about the World Cup and mentioned that she lamented that Brazilian forward Neymar had been injured in the match between Colombia and Brazil.

“We are friends of Neymar, my boyfriend plays with him in Barcelona. We were very worried and I even called my sister who is a surgeon to understand the severity of his case," Shakira said. "Afterwards, I sent a text message to give him strength.”



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