07/11/2014 06:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

9 Of Our Favorite TV Neighbors, Ranked

On TV, neighbors often represent the heart and soul of the show: they bring everyone together, cause all of the interesting things to happen, and get all the best lines and jokes.

In our own lives, good neighbors aren't far from their TV equivalents: they act as partners in crime in the zaniest of situations, they help you during hard times, and they're just as willing to offer you philosophical advice as they are to loan you that proverbial cup of sugar.

In short, good neighbors are actually more than neighbors -- they're great friends who are always there to help you out.

In this spirit, we've partnered with State Farm to count down the TV neighbors we wish were ours. Using a completely unscientific method, we've assigned them scores based on the qualities all great neighbors should have.

Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments.

1. Mr. Rogers, "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood"
The man who taught you about the wonders of your imagination, understanding others and being a good citizen.
Image via FunnyJunk
He sang to us, taught us indispensable lessons and more or less coached us through childhood. Really, we see no flaws here. After all, no one -- literally, no one -- wanted to be your neighbor as much as Mr. Rogers did.

Key Quote: "Won't you be my neighbor?"
Most Neighborly Moment: Personally responding to fan mail from "neighbors" far and wide.
Overall Neighborliness: A perfect 10. He is a truly inspiring human being and a model neighbor.

2. Mr. Feeny, "Boy Meets World"
Cory Matthews' teacher, neighbor and mentor was the voice of reason amid much teenage strife.
Image via Tumblr
Feeny (Fe-he-he-heeny!) is a walking mustache who keeps pearls of wisdom in his sweater vests, a deep reservoir of emotion filled with gravitas. While he can be a bit curmudgeonly, it's all in the name of tough love. We must also mention that his garden is really well-kept, which is the sign of a neighbor who truly cares.

Key Quote: "Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good."
Most Neighborly Moment: It's exceedingly difficult to choose just one. If pressed, we will say that Feeny is at his best when he is illustrating that the right thing to do isn't always the easiest.
Overall Neighborliness: 9.5. A neighbor who is also a lifelong mentor and friend? Sounds like family to us.

3. Wilson Wilson Jr., "Home Improvement"
The Taylors' neighbor. His face was famously obscured by a picket fence until the series finale.


Image via YouTube
Wilson's unassuming personality and sheer intelligence ensure that he's near the top of this list. He is deeply philosophical in conversation whether he's evoking ancient Chinese proverbs, quoting Shakespeare or simply uttering non sequiturs in response to Tim's "What are you doing?" (See: "Well, Tim, I'm ululating," "Well, Tim, I'm admiring my yams," "I'm tending my tulips, Tim" and many more.) Clearly, he also has a healthy sense of boundaries.

Key Quote: "Hidey-ho, neighbor!"
Most Neighborly Moment: While we might say that the Taylors owe him for years of free, over-the-fence counseling services, we are glad to see Wilson invite the family over for dinner in Season 4's "My Dinner With Wilson." In this episode, we finally get to see the inside of his house and learn a bit about his backstory. Here's to breaking down barriers -- and breaking bread -- among good neighbors.
Overall Neighborliness: 8. He's a fantastic neighbor but a bit of an enigma. Why must he always hide behind that fence?! Why must he always be in his backyard?!

4. Ned Flanders Jr., "The Simpsons"
The Simpsons' straightlaced, do-gooder neighbor.
Image via Minus
We'll admit that he's a bit uptight and frequently oversteps boundaries by imposing his beliefs on others. Nevertheless, he is excruciatingly polite and unfailingly courteous.

Key Quote: "Hey-diddily-ho, Neighboreenos!"
Most Neighborly Moment: Loaning Homer his sprinkler, camcorder, TV tray, power sander and "downstairs bathtub" and never, ever expecting their return or even some basic appreciation. A truly selfless showing.
Overall Neighborliness: 8.5. Full marks for above-and-beyond neighborly courtesy.

5. Ethel and Fred Mertz, "I Love Lucy"
Lucy and Ricky Ricardo's landlords and best friends.
Image via Giphy

Nothing goes better together than Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred. While Lucy and Ethel got into some pretty harebrained schemes, these neighbors were never afraid to sit down for some straight talk with one another.

Key Quote: "You'll always be my best friend. You know too much." (Ethel)
Most Neighborly Moment: Where to begin? Like any good neighbor and friend, Ethel was always there to lend Lucy a hand. Whether she was jamming chocolate in her mouth to avoid getting busted on the assembly line, attempting to change a flat tire, putting on a show or trying her best to put together a barbecue, she wasn't always right, but she was right where Lucy needed her to be: by her side.
Overall Neighborliness: 8. Landlords and tenants may be bound together by law, but these neighbors are truly inseparable.

6. Sam, "Clarissa Explains It All"
Clarissa's confidante and best buddy.
Image via OnSugar
He has great '90s hair, produces his own sound effects upon entering a room and is a great partner-in-crime. We don't even mind that he comes over uninvited.

Key Quote: This sound.
Most Neighborly Moment: In Season 3, Episode 12, Sam scores two tickets to see Pearl Jam and invites Clarissa. When she realizes the show is the same night she's supposed to be DJing a party for her grandparents, Sam actually attends the party and helps her scheme a way out . Getting your neighbor a free pass to "the best seat, at the best concert for the best band in the world" (Clarissa's words) AND putting everything on the line to make sure she gets there? That's neighbor gold.
Overall Neighborliness: 7.5. Minus a few points for the weird coming-in-the-window-via-a-ladder thing. What's wrong with doors?

7. Cosmo Kramer, "Seinfeld"
The most memorable "hipster doofus" in television history.
Image via Tumblr
Where do we start? With his endless get-rich-quick schemes? His propensity to eat all of your food? His half-baked theories on ... well, everything? While some may take issue with Kramer's quirks, we have to factor in that great head of hair, his refreshing honesty and his ability to make an entrance like no other. Also, he owns mile 114 of the Arthur Burkhardt Expressway if you ever want to use it.

Key Quote: "These pretzels are making me thirsty."
Most Neighborly Moment: The best neighbors are ones who can really relate. In Season 8's "Chicken Roaster," Jerry and Kramer agree to switch apartments because a newly installed neon sign is keeping Kramer up at night. The neighbors are so deeply in touch with each other that they essentially end up swapping personalities.
Overall Neighborliness: 7. Even though he's a bother in a number of ways, Kramer is a good friend and an endless source of entertainment.

8. Steve Urkel, "Family Matters"
The nerdiest nerd who ever nerded.
Image via MoviePilot

Despite his extreme clumsiness (in actions and in words), he's extremely intelligent and exceptionally loyal. If you catch him on the right day, he'll show up as a handsome, more charming man named Stefan Urquelle.

Key Quote: "Did I do thaaaaaaat?"
Most Neighborly Moment: He's always looking for solutions to your everyday problems. Like that time in Season 4's "The Way The Ball Bounces" when he invents the musical toothbrush Carl Winslow didn't know he needed.
Overall Neighborliness: 4 + 1 for also being the suave Stefan Urquelle = a solid 5.

9. Kimmy Gibler, "Full House"
DJ Tanner's ubiquitous best friend. She is best known for her questionable taste in clothing, boys and life choices.


Image via Giphy
So she has a snoring thing, a severe foot odor issue and a penchant for finding trouble where you least expect it. Also, you have never seen the inside of her house, which is admittedly weird. In spite of this, she's adventurous, mischievous and a good friend through and through.

Key Quote: "I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you ... only you're not joining in."
Most Neighborly Moment: In the series finale, Kimmy finds DJ Tanner a date for senior prom: Wayne, the cousin of Kimmy's ever-dull boyfriend Duane. In a gasp-worthy twist, Kimmy reveals that he can't make it. The back-up date? Steve, the totally dreamy love of DJ's life. (And yes, the audience "wooooed.")
Overall Neighborliness: 3. Does she count as a neighbor if she's literally always over?

There are neighbors and then there are good neighbors. Like a good neighbor, State Farm agents are there for you.