07/15/2014 04:49 pm ET

Dick Cheney: 'I've Got To Defend My Point Of View,' Even If I'm Using Disputed Facts To Do It

Former Vice President Dick Cheney proved he won't stop defending his beliefs, even if they've been proved untrue in the past.

During an appearance on CNN's "The Lead," reporter Jake Tapper said President Barack Obama would point to the death of Osama bin Laden as proof "that he takes a terrorist threat seriously." Cheney responded by saying bin Laden's death came about "through our process of enhanced interrogation techniques that provided the intelligence we needed in order to get bin Laden."

That claim was disputed by a Senate Intelligence Committee report released in March 2014, which found there is no link between information gathered using enhanced interrogation techniques and information used in the 2011 capture of bin Laden. During an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" in February 2013, former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said he believes "we could have gotten bin Laden without" enhanced interrogation techniques, but it is "always going to be an open question."

When Tapper noted Cheney's claim was "a disputed point," Cheney didn't seem fazed.

"I've got to defend my point of view," Cheney said.

Watch the exchange above.



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