07/15/2014 02:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

San Diego Carjacking Thwarted By Aggressive Bystanders

An alleged San Diego carjacker was dragged out of a vehicle and wrestled to the ground by bystanders on Sunday.

Ismael Hernandez, 21, can be seen in the video above being pulled out of a car and pummeled as a child screams from inside the vehicle.

10News reports that Hernandez allegedly tried to steal the car with a woman and her child inside.

"I see this guy in the backseat choking out the driver and there were a couple of other people in the window grabbing the keys from him," Aaron Leaf told 10News.

The unidentified bystanders held the suspect down and one person even punched him in the face when he tried to look up from the ground.

Police arrived and charged Hernandez with kidnapping, carjacking, child cruelty, resisting arrest and several drug charges, according to the Los Angeles Times.

As BuzzFeed points out, at around 3:49 in the video, Hernandez apparently brags about previous carjackings.

"This is not my first time," he appears to say.



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