07/15/2014 05:58 pm ET Updated Jul 16, 2014

Netflix Discreetly Stopped Mailing DVDs On Saturday, Let The Freak Out Begin

R.I.P., DVD.

In the same manner Netflix started rolling out new logos, the company has quietly stopped Saturday DVD deliveries. A Netflix spokesperson confirmed to Engadget that Saturday shipment processing was discontinued in June.

Business Insider reports Netflix's DVD customer base was around 8.2 million at the beginning of the year (about one-third the size of its streaming customers), so the move makes sense from a financial perspective; some of the disgruntled customers, however, have already begun airing their grievances over the Internet, with many shocked by the clandestine nature of the service change.

Only time will tell if this is Netflix's first move toward totally phasing out DVDs, but that would probably concern you even more if you didn't have another episode of "Breaking Bad" to watch in 15 seconds.

[h/t Uproxx]



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