07/16/2014 09:17 am ET Updated Jul 16, 2014

Can Science Find Your Perfect Match?

ONOKY - Eric Audras via Getty Images

Summer is wedding season; 35% of marriages occur during the summer months, and this year, over 800,000 couples will tie the knot in June, July, or August. But, instead of clamoring for the bride’s bouquet, some singles are turning to science to make sure they’re the next ones wed.

“Scientific matchmaking” is exactly what it sounds like, and — between sophisticated online-dating algorithms and DNA-sample testing — it’s becoming an increasingly popular way to find a partner. It’s also the premise of a new reality TV series, Married At First Sight, on the FYI network. The show's four matchmakers "create" couples who are scientifically “perfect" for each other, and then those couples agree to legally wed — before they've even met.

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