07/16/2014 07:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ohio Woman Allegedly Commits Huge Party Foul By Crashing SUV Into Pool

A woman in Lakewood, Ohio, committed the biggest party foul possible Saturday afternoon when she drove her SUV right into a swimming pool as guests were swimming.

It is unknown how the vehicle got out of control, but the driver, Cheryl Chapman, 46, was charged with operation of a vehicle while impaired and reckless driving, WKYC TV reports.

Homeowners Nancy and Trent Wilson were shocked to see Chapman's SUV crash through the fence.

“The firemen, police said she was probably going about 30 to 40 miles an hour to break through the fence,” Trent Wilson told

“And, we looked towards the fence, we heard an explosion," Nancy Wilson told the station. "I thought it was a bomb. That’s what everyone thought, it’s just a bomb."

Christopher Sanford was in the pool at the time the SUV crashed in it, but he heard it.

"I hit the water and heard an explosion," he said. "I turned around and there's a Jeep in the pool," he told

Chapman was at the bottom of the pool still in the car, so he swam to her, removed her safety belt and hauled through the open car window onto the pool deck.

He said the woman was struggling for air "and kept saying her brakes were bad."

No one was injured seriously and a crane removed the car out of the pool by the end of the evening.

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