07/16/2014 04:59 pm ET

Fascinating Photo Series Shows What Eating Alone Looks Like

The dinner table is typically thought of as a place where families gather and stories from the day are recounted -- but that's not always the case.

In a new photo series titled "Dinner in New York," artist and photographer Miho Aikawa explored how New Yorkers are actually spending their evening meal times. She discovered that dinner has largely become a solo act performed while doing other tasks: watching TV, feeding the baby, or clocking in a few more hours of work.

"When you enjoy mealtimes, you’re more likely to eat better," Aikawa wrote in the project description. "Let’s think what we can do to enhance the pleasure of the table.”

Check out a selection of her photos below:

  • Miho Aikawa
    Chelsea Olson, a model, concentrates on her food while reviewing her busy day.
    Age: 20
    Time: 8:13 PM
    Location: Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn
  • Miho Aikawa
    Garro Heedae, a musician, has dinner late at night after intensive drum rehearsal sessions.
    Age: 28
    Time: 1:20 AM
    Location: Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn
  • Miho Aikawa
    Kristy May has quick dinner, handling her one-month-old newborn baby.
    Age: 32
    Time: 4:50 PM
    Location: Greenpoint, Brooklyn
  • Miho Aikawa
    Jessie Zinke, a designer, has leftovers for dinner on her bed, while watching her favorite TV show.
    Age: 27
    Time: 6:54 PM
    Location: Chelsea, New York
  • Miho Aikawa
    U Pa Mok Kha is a monk from Myanmar who cannot eat after 12 noon. Local people bring him food and after he is done, he shares the rest of the food with them.
    Age: 55
    Time: 11:17 AM
    Location: Jackson Heights, Queens
  • Miho Aikawa
    Zheng Yun lives with her daughter and son, but usually eats dinner alone while watching TV.
    Age: 52
    Time: 8:54 PM
    Location: Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn
  • Miho Aikawa
    Jorge Valdés-Iga, a movie producer, eats at a NY deli. He always chooses the same seat, watching the clock.
    Age: 27
    Time: 6:30 PM
    Location: Midtown, New York
  • Miho Aikawa
    Yohan Kim, an architect, worked over time with his coworkers. They had pizza and beer on the desk.
  • Miho Aikawa
    Gideon, a security guard of a storage company, eats a simple dinner at work.
    Time: 7:42 PM
    Location: Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn
  • Miho Aikawa
    Richard Phillip Nelson, who works in several restaurants, eats dinner during his break at Earthmatters, an organic cafe. He is an organic vegan and comes to this cafe a few times in a week.
    Age: 59
    Time: 5:58 PM
    Location: Lower East Side, New York
  • Miho Aikawa
    Emilie Rolin Jacquemyns , a graduate student from Belgium, eats a salad at home after evening classes.
    Age: 27
    Time: 9:46 PM
    Location: Upper East Side, New York
  • Miho Aikawa
    Avina Christie, a nine-month old baby, has dinner with her mother, and through a Skype video call shares the time with her grandparents who live in Boston.
    Age: 9 Months
    Time: 6:57 PM
    Location: Upper West Side, New York
  • Miho Aikawa
    Oona Wagner, a 13-year old girl who lives with her father and her stepmother, has her favorite Italian food prepared by her father while watching a TV show on her bed.
    Age: 13
    Time: 8:21 PM
    Location: Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
  • Miho Aikawa
    Matthew Vogel relaxes with a sandwich and a beer during the evening commute to Pleasantville, NY.
    Age: 30
    Time: 6:59 PM
    Location: White Plains, Harlem Line

The photos are currently displayed on The FENCE 2014 at Brooklyn Bridge Park until October.

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