07/16/2014 09:08 am ET Updated Jul 16, 2014

Michele Bachmann: Hillary Clinton Should Be Worried About Elizabeth Warren

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) thinks former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should be worried about a potential 2016 challenge from Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

Bachmann commented on the duo while discussing the Ready For Warren campaign, which launched on Tuesday, during an appearance on CNN's "Crossfire." Bachmann said Warren would be "extremely attractive" to Democratic voters as a 2016 presidential candidate.

"If she chooses to mount a run for the presidency, I would agree with Newt, I think that, if I was Mrs. Clinton, I'd be extremely concerned with what I see," Bachmann said. "And it's interesting, what I'm seeing in all of the national journals, it's a swoon fest right now over Elizabeth Warren. They're salivating over her, because she represents a very progressive view. People want to go that direction. And I think there could be trouble."

Warren has said she will not run for president. In recent weeks she has been busy campaigning for Democratic 2014 candidates in states like Kentucky and West Virginia.

Clinton has also not announced whether or not she will pursue a 2016 presidential run. She's currently working to promote her latest book, Hard Choices.

Watch a video of Bachmann's comments above.



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