07/16/2014 04:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

There's A Sriracha Electronic Dance Music Festival, And It's Going To Be Incredible

In a combination guaranteed to blow your taste buds (and ears) out of the water, a festival is joining Sriracha and electronic dance music (EDM) in an awesome paring of sensory overload.

In what may very well be the first 'foodie' rave, the event, called the Electronic Sriracha Festival, will take place Saturday, August 30th in San Jose, California. The festival will have "2 city blocks, 3 stages of electronic music, 4 bars, and 120 Sriracha-infused dishes." Drinks will also reportedly be on sale for $6, but the mind-blowing experience will require a ticket.

The website for the festival says that it will announce all music acts Monday, July 21st at 9 a.m. Until then, you can sign up for pre-sale and start preparing your taste buds and rave outfits.

And as the folks at joked, the 'best part' of the rave is that "You can replace Molly with Sriracha, because we both know they have basically the same effect on the mind and body." All we know is, Steve Aoki (fingers crossed!!) and sriracha sounds like the PERFECT combination to us.

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