07/16/2014 12:32 pm ET Updated Jul 16, 2014

Dear Rachel: It's Not Your Fault

Pool via Getty Images

Rachel Jeantel entered the world’s stage 12 twelve months ago as a key witness in the George Zimmerman trial. Jeantel was the last person to converse with Zimmerman’s victim, Trayvon Martin, and was on the phone with him when he first encountered his killer. Jeantel’s testimony was a crucial aspect of the prosecution’s case, but her bold responses to the defense team’s probing questions elevated Jeantel from a witness to a national figure. Now, Jeantel’s battling an unreasonable burden: Feeling responsible for Zimmerman’s acquittal.

In a recent interview with CNN, Jeantel said she wished she would have been behaved differently during the trial, and that she partially blames herself for Zimmerman’s acquittal.

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