07/17/2014 05:04 pm ET Updated 6 days ago

9 Oblivious Humans Who Have No Regard For Weddings

You know the expression, "It's so bad it's actually good"?

That's the case for the 9 wedding photos below, which were "ruined" by some very clueless passersby. We're not sure any of these will make it into the wedding album, but hell, they should.

via goofbooter/Reddit
Number of f**ks given: zero.

Dawn Corwin
Nothing can stop this man from taking a stroll in his Nike short shorts. Nothing.

Applehead Studio via Reddit
That thong tha-thong thong thong.

White Orchid Studios
Just struttin' his stuff.

Awkward Family Photos
Inappropriate behavior for a married woman.

That one guy at the wedding
via jaeseabean/Imgur
Rage mode: activated.

via cc971172/Reddit
No words.

Photobomb at My Sister's Wedding
via sin-ik/Reddit
Wrong place, wrong time.

via greasychipbutty/Reddit
Oh hey, guy trying to smoke a cig on the sly.

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