07/17/2014 07:45 am ET Updated Jul 17, 2014

You Could Get Freebies Just For Being At This Hotel Chain

Well this is #awesome.

Kimpton Hotels has launched a new loyalty program called Kimpton Karma, which works at its core like any other loyalty system: Guests must visit a minimum of seven times (or 20 nights) in order to start earning free stays. Stay more, and you'll move up to the next rewards "tier."

However -- and this is a big, fat, fun HOWEVER -- there are also secret, behind-the-scenes calculations going on, hotel reps say, that could get you bonus rewards. If, for instance, you Tweet about your dinner there, you could see free snacks delivered to your room. Apparently, there are hundreds of customer "behaviors" -- from checking in on Facebook to attending the hotel's wine hour -- that could trigger bonus rewards for guests.

Reps won't divulge which "behaviors" lead to which rewards, but let's just say taking a run with the in-house fitness guru could mean you'll get spa credits or a "special treat from the chef."

The plan was likely designed as a magnet for the next generation of travelers.

"Loyalty as a concept is not just about transactions," Maggie Lang, senior director of guest marketing at Kimpton, told USA Today. "Karma is rewarding engagement."

For a spa credit, we would "engage" with anything.



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