07/17/2014 11:10 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Alleged Breast Pump Thief Racking Up Charges

This was the breast idea he could come up with?

Ray Chapa, 55, was arrested in June after allegedly stealing multiple breast pumps from a Target store near St. Petersburg, Florida, according to a police blotter published in the Tampa Bay Times on Wednesday.

Chapa allegedly switched price tags on the $400 pumps so that he ended up paying only $30 for each one. Police suspect he had been racking up stolen pumps from other stores as well, as he had 12 pumps in his car from other Target and Walmart stores.

Now he's in the can on charges of grand theft and felony retail theft.

It's unclear what Chapa would have been doing with such a multitude of breast pumps, but previous mass-breast pump thefts have been indicators of a breast pump black market.

"I know they're a hot item on the street now," Lou Granda, vice president of Metro One Loss Prevention Group, told the Morning Call in 2004.

Other baby supplies have made their way onto the black market as well. Last year, a Florida couple was nabbed for allegedly stealing $90,000 worth of baby formula to finance their pain pill addiction.

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