07/17/2014 02:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tom Daley Named Sexiest Man In The World By Attitude Magazine

Okay, we'll take it.

Openly gay Olympic diver Tom Daley nabbed a huge honor this week when Attitude Magazine named him the sexiest man in the world for the second year in a row on their list of the Hot 100 Sexiest Men.

Last December, Daley opened up in a YouTube video about his relationship with another man, but did not use the label "bisexual" or "gay." This past April the athlete spoke out again and claimed he is "a gay man now."

"It's been a big year for Tom Daley," Andrew Fraser, Attitude's Deputy Editor, said in a statement. "When he made his very moving and personal video last year where he revealed his relationship with Dustin Lance Black -- he not only changed his own life, but will have helped change the lives of countless other young gay people who are starved of role models in the world of film, TV and sport. Attitude is proud that our readers, in their infinite wisdom, voted Tom as their number one sexiest man for the second year running -- and we are celebrating with Tom as our cover star, in his brilliant and revealing first ever gay magazine interview."

Check out Daley and the other top five Hot 100 Sexiest Men from Attitude Magazine below.

Tom Daley
tom daley

Shayne Ward
shayne ward

Zac Efron
zac efron

David Beckham
david beckham

Dan Osborne
dan osborne

The full listing os the Hot 100 Sexiest Men will be released in the July 23 issue of Attitude.



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