07/18/2014 11:36 am ET Updated Jul 18, 2014

Cocoon Lamps Are The Coolest Upcycled Design Ever

Upcycling isn't what it used to be. From wine bottle lamps worthy of a chic, urban apartment to
to mason jars that put crystal chandeliers everywhere to shame, it's all about high-quality transformation of even the most mundane objects these days.

So what sets Yasuhiro Suzuki's creations apart? Well, other than the fact that nothing like this can be found in a standard "upcycled lighting" search on Pinterest, the Japanese product designer also manages to elevate his creations to art-form-like levels through his employment of boiled cocoons -- yes, real cocoons -- as an design material. With help from a custom-built machine that uses a power drill to grab silk strands directly from the cocoons, Suzuki then "recocoons" by molding the lightweight, heat resistant and durable material into breathtakingly unique lighting fixtures.

"I can continually spin approximately 1.5 kilometers of fiber from each cocoon, which allows me to then produce these lamps," he noted on his Tumblr account. "And since they're natural fibers, the shades are biodegradable, he adds.

Gorgeous and "green"? The combination has never looked so good.



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