07/18/2014 03:26 pm ET Updated Jul 18, 2014

Dude Pours Drink With His Forehead, Wins At Beer

Once you go bald you can't go back -- but you CAN turn it into a really cool party trick.

Recent obnoxious vertical video from Charleston, South Carolina, surfaced showing a man using his forehead to open a beer, because simply cracking open a brew and using your hand is boring.

The star of the video, who would only identify himself as William, is "excited to have his talent on display," according to JT Stellmach of Holy City Brewing, the bar where the trick took place. Stellmach also said that William is so "happy that we are donating any revenue earned to a local charity for which the beer in the video was originally brewed."

The beer, called Chucktown Follicle Brown, is brewed for charity, but isn't without controversy (much like the trick in question). According to the Charleston City Paper, the beer got a Charleston Southern Professor fired for using his picture on the can.

Keep it up Chucktown, you're headed in the right direction.



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