07/19/2014 12:03 pm ET Updated Aug 20, 2014

George Takei Tells Bill Maher Why He Can't Stand William Shatner

The fact that "Star Trek" costars George Takei and William Shatner don't get along in real life is a sad thing for Trekkies to face.

While visiting "Real Time With Bill Maher," Takei addressed his longtime feud with the original Captain Kirk. Maher joked, "But he's Canadian, he should love you!" before Takei went on to explain how, for him, Shatner is the exception to that myth. "Canadians have a certain image of being even-tempered and friendly and all that,” Takei said. "He is a person who is that way with himself ... he is very self-centered."

Takei said that despite their disagreements they still acted like professionals on set, though "with a lot of difficulty." Check out the full clip above.