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Sleeping At A Major League Baseball Stadium Is As Awesome As It Sounds

Andy Campbell / The Huffington Post

Every American child has had that fantasy. The baseball game ends, the stadium closes and everyone leaves -- except for you. You, the coolest kid in the world, run freely on the field, watch a movie on the Jumbotron and eat all of the snacks you can cram into your child belly.

It's an American Dream so powerful it brings a tear to your eye. And it can be yours. The New York Mets held the second-annual Citi Field Sleepover on Saturday, a tradition so awesome you won't even miss your father-son memories from Shea Stadium.

We've compiled the definitive list of reasons why you can't miss this opportunity next year. For only $200, you can pitch your tent on the field, meet Mr. and Mrs. Met, and play catch with likeminded American fathers, sons, mothers and daughters.

It's a real party. OK, you're not allowed to bring booze, but rest assured, you'll be high on America, you guys.

  • 1 You Get Free Rein Over A Major League Baseball Stadium
    Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
    It's every kid's fantasy: A free-roam throughout an entire baseball stadium, all night, with little to no supervision and full access to the baseball field, dugouts and snack vendors.
  • 2 You'll Probably Get On The Jumbotron
    Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
    With only a couple hundred other people to compete with, you won't have to bug a cameraman too much to get featured on the Citi Field Jumbotron. You might even get some cheers, which is more than last season's Mets can say for themselves, amirite?
  • 3 Snacks. Unlimited Baseball Snacks.
    Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
    The only thing more American than sleeping on the field is gorging yourself on unlimited pretzels, hot dogs, ice cream, pizza, cookies, donuts, popcorn, candy, soda and more hot dogs before you pass out.
  • 4 You Get To Watch The Mets On The Big Screen
    Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
    OK, this one's a little misleading. We got to watch Angels In The Outfield on the Jumbotron. We had to watch the Mets fall 6-0 to the Padres. One was easier to watch than the other. But hey, it's too early in the season to worry about the playoffs, right?
  • 5 Dad Time
    Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
    There were so many father-son moments on Saturday that I almost forgot the time I dropped that foul ball in '92 and my dad shook his head in disappointment. Sorry dad. But really, you should have caught that ball for me. That's a lot of pressure that I'm still working through to this day. Thanks a lot.
  • 6 MORE Dad Time
    Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
    "One day, son, I'll be watching you from this very seat, and you'll bat .400 and play alongside Daniel Murphy, who will indeed still be a Met at that point." OK, nobody said that, but we imagine at least on dad at the stadium on Saturday said something to that effect.
  • 7 You Can Pitch Your Tent On The Warning Track
    Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
    This is a great chance to show your son, daughter or significant other that you alone have the technical expertise to erect a tent. And you'll get extra "cool dad" points because you live in a big city and hey, nobody expected that you'd be able to do that. Great job.
  • 8 You Get To Sleep ON The Field
    Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
    This was our moment of zen. Lying on cozy grass, watching the game on the Jumbotron and then falling asleep to the soothing purr of stadium lights was all we needed for a complete American weekend.
  • 9 You Can Play Where The Players Play
    Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
    These kids got to show off their skills on the big stage. We were impressed, and also intimidated.
  • 10 Dugout Selfies
    Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
    So. Many. Dugout Selfies. You can grab that bullpen phone and throw your glove down, or try your best Terry Collins face while staring blankly at home plate. The choice is yours.
  • 11 You Get The Real American Dream
    Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
    What does one dream about when one's dream has been accomplished? Just kidding -- there's no way you're going to dream because of all those snacks you just ate. But the sleep was coma-tastic.

BONUS: With unlimited access to hot dogs, you can hold your own hot dog eating contest. We tried, but while they may have served Nathan's hot dogs, those buns were NOT regulation.

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